SUPer IsIs surfboard

Here is a SUP inspired surfboard.  A customer who owns a IsIs wanted to build a board that rode like his IsIs but wider and thicker with less length.  This board is big enough to float your boat for only $2000.

9'10" YYZ-mod

Black is a beautiful thing, this one is on point! I made this the week after I broke a finger on my right hand.. So I built it left handed, not bad!

High Maintenance EQ!

Here is a beauty of a 10'?? EQ! He asked for everything and got it. FB private messages, texts and emails were all going at once with him... I hate to say, I enjoyed every one of them..but do NOT follow his example.. Other people want boards too!! Almost had to get a time card and bill him by the hour!!

(I'm ribbing him good...cuz he's old)

EQ (Lo-Fi)

Here is another EQ, Lo-Fi or Hamajeng style (color sand through by design). This beauty is off to Florida!

New life for old pig

Here is a '57 Hobie I bought back in the 90's. when I purchased it, it had cream yellow panels and was fairly nice. A buddy borrowed it and had a accident, the board cam back with many dings. Ten years later I thought I would fix it and put new panels on. Well after sitting for a few years, and looking at it naked with all of its history showing I ditched the panels and gave it a new gloss, showing all of its proud history.

9'8" EQ

Here is a new caramel/kelp tiger EQ for Rich!

EQ's about

Here are a few EQ's getting glassed. It was like prom.. Dress them up nice and work them hard!

Summertime surfboard SALE!

It's summer! Here is a bit of incentive to get your summer board ordered. Any longboard zucci style is $1550. Over 10' is $1650. If you are a return customer take an extra $50 off! I will be offering this deal until the 15th of this month so don't wait, get your deposits in! All labor is done by myself, no other hands touch them.

New set of EQ's

Here is a 9'6" and 9'8" matching set of EQ's. Dude didn't know what size to buy.. So he bought both!

9'10" Equalizer

Here's another EQ.. It's a looker. #zucci


Banging away on a 11' performance glider! Everything traditional except thickness and rail size. I really want a glider that you can get up and down on without having to drop in sideways and really never get aggressive. Here we go! It started at 4 1/2" and is at 2 3/4"..

F2B surfing

Here are a few pics I recently received of F2B rider Santiago in the Marshall Islands. Santi loves this model and packs a spare for all occasions!


Hands down the best noserider I've made! The Equalizer is now available to order and there will be a few stock models for purchase. Not as good or want to be a better noserider? It's like the Easy button.

Double Concave

Here's a new noserider with a super concave deck, where the deck concave ends where the nose concave starts. The rail is normal IsIs style but it is super thin all the way through the center, producing a very lively feeling at your feet.

New IsIs

9'5" IsIs multi tone. Opaque brown with Dark red tint. It has a ghost yellow tint resin comp band.