Barneys Blanket

Here's a board I just made for my team rider Barney Sullivan.  The YYZ is actually his model, we both had been pondering this design separately and when he came up from San Diego this is what came out of our brain storm.  He's been riding the prototype for some moths now and is eager to get his hands on the final version.  Today I glassed on his fin along with a few others as well as hot coated them all.  Off to Jeff Pupo for the finest finish in the biz.  The only thing left for me to do is build a new one for myself while these are being finished then I'm off to Ireland.

Happy YYZ customer!

Dude, Zeph, Bro,
I'm hooked, i know everyone always wants to be super stoked and ecstatic about their new board but this thing is freaking amazing. i honestly mean that. i finally got it in the water for a little chest high sesh, now i had not surfed in months but this thing paddled, glided, turned, noserided (or noserode) cut back and snapped off the lip like nothing i have ever ridden.... and its a single fin....a fast one at that. it's like a magic board!!!! 
thank you so much, i am oooober psyched on this thing, people have been asking me all about it so hopefully i can generate a few leads for you.
just wanted to say thanks and keep it up. i think you do great stuff.

Stock list 6-24-10

5'6"  Fish Gloss panel stringerless $850
5'6"  Cliche Isish sand finish  $650
5'10" Fish Gloss panel $850



As seen in Slide Magazine

I've started advertising in Slide Magazine.  If you haven't seen it FIND it!  The mag is top notch quality and has some pretty entertaining topics as well as great photography.  Look for it at your local stop.

Available Inventory 6-17-10

5'6" FISH keel fin gloss panel $850.00
5'6" Cliche Isish quad fin sand finish $650.00
5'10" FISH keel fin gloss panel $850.00
9' F2B 2+1 h/p sand finish clear $960.00
10' YYZ Used/New condition $1000.00

All boards include fiberglass Rainbow fins

Fish finished and ready to purchase!

Finally finished these two chic beauties.  The blue one is 5'10" and the burnt red is 5'6".  Both are lockbox fin systems with Rainbow glass keel fins.  The burnt red colored one is stringerless with volan bottom, the blue with volan bottom.  These are available for $850.00 each.

Used Cooperfish V-bottom

Great condition, spot on repaired dings.  This was Gene's personal board and am selling for a friend $900.

Used 10' YYZ

I've been riding this 10' YYZ and it's a ton of fun.  I would like to sell it for $1000.  It's mint condition, no damage and has been ridden five times.  TOO BIG for me, I've gotten used to riding 9'2"-9'5" so this is excessive for my liking.  I've got some great rides on it.

Why Why stock Z

Here are a few stock boards for sale $1385. w/fin.  The green YYZ is 9'6" and the red one is a 9"4".  These are super fun noseriders, I've been riding a 9'5" and 10'.  I like the smaller one, super fun!