Shaping away

I've been at it in my new shaping room Paul built me at his factory.  It's not fancy but it's MINE!  I've got it all organized and everything has it's place.  The boards are coming out great and I've got Outer Point all squared away.  I've done some customs for a few guys and get to see some more customers tomorrow to hammer out the details of what they want.  Paul got some really nice foam to work with and I'm enjoying the Walker like feel that they have.  Round two for the day... back out to the shed to shape some more.

Made it

I'm here in Ireland now, shaped a board today for my buddie OL.  If your on the fence on ordering while I'm here, get off and sign up.  17 days left. 


Fixen to get!

Just finishing up some odd and ends here around the shop/house preparing for my trip to Ireland.  I'm leaving Wednesday morning for twenty days.  I'm booking up orders at a rapid pace so If you are interested get one in soon.  I'll be slowly returning e-mails from there and you can send deposits via Paypal at any time.  F2B's on order for the winter so get them while they are here.  I'll be taking a vacation to Mammoth when I return home so, I'll start filling orders in 5-6 weeks.  Thanks to all who already have orders in and those receiving them in the mail now!

Oldie but goodie

I hit up my buddy in Hood River Or a few day's ago for some old surfing shots of me up in those parts.  He went searching for them and e-mailed me this.  He took this of me in the backcountry of Mt Hood, it was a epic day of snow conditions.  I lived near the mountain for a little over two years and had more great days than I can remember.  My friend Kim and I would make runs together often, we had it wired.  She made cookies and we knew all of the lift operators, wait in line.. hand them cookies... ride for free!!  I miss you guy's up there and hope you are all doing well!

Bradley Rose

Meet Bradley Rose, newest member of the Boarddesign East team.  Brad is a 17 year old North Carolina   up and comer and contest machine.  I just built him a board and it's getting shipped on tuesday, I'll post up some pictures of it later today.  Stoked to have Bradley, welcome aboard!

Weekend humor

I don't know why I find these types of things picture worthy but... How's this parking job?  As we walked to our truck at the farmers market, this person was parked next to me... yeah...  Rosa couldn't fugue out what the heck I was doing taking pictures of it but really, I couldn't help myself.  
Park it like you stole it!

Thingy update, I make wakeboards???

My buddy Jeremiah moved out to Texas to go to school for a year and brought his board with him (instead of leaving it with me like agreed upon... uhhhmmm!) because he loved it SO much.  He is a personal trainer and quickly picked up work in his new hometown where he attained a new client Mr Sanders.  Mr Sanders then invited Miah to head to the lake and wake surf with him (knowing Miah, he may have invited himself!) and now I'm designing wakesurf boards.  Miah filmed a second of Mr. Sanders on his little strange board and e-mailed me it.  I thought I would pass it on, he had NEVER stood on a surfboard.  Enjoy.

Jamie Kelly Surfer/Artist

My friend Jamie Kelly getting some nice east coast swell at a cancer fundraiser/contest.  Jamie is also a highly talented artist/sculptor/builder, check out his blog on my list JK Surfart.  Oh yeah, YYZ in action! 

Order UP!

My Book is Booked!

So, as I am headed back out to Ireland on the 20th, I'm totally booked!  There is a good chance I could start something when I get back for you if you put the word in now.  I'm currently just doing my paperwork and lining up all orders for my return.  I'll be taking a small vacation when I return so orders will not be started until the end of November.  I'm currently at around 12 orders and I only do about 10 a month so..He who hesitates... don't get a board for Christmas!  Here is a shot for my friend in Japan Kimi, it's a YYZ with a custom color layup!  The shot was taken before it was polished by the MasterP.

Rosa's 80's thruster

Just a few shots of Rosa's new (now used) 80's tri.  It's got a tiny stinger channel bottom w/vee and  a swallow cut in the deck only.  She had allot of fun surfing it last friday and is welcoming new swell.  It has a clear bottom, Burgundy deck with glass on fins in blue with yellow roving.  A bit of yellow and blue baste and it's hamajang time!

Returned team goodies/ F2B SOLD!

Here are a few team returned used boards for sale.  One is a 8'6" Fade2Black quad plus one, this is setup for 2+1 or quad use and works great as either.  I'd say its a 6.5- 7 out of 10 for condition $600obo.  The pintail is 9'3 and is a 8.5-9 out of 10 condition, single fin, great all around l/b $850obo.  The F2B has repaired dings and is watertight, the pintail has never been dinged but has some foul language written on the bottom... nothing a sticker or two can't fix.

Random shots

Here's some random images my friend RS took around the shop.  The top pic is a board I built for Kimi in Japan, the middle is Ian Z and I hanging out at our shop pool and the bottom is my lam area.  Thanks RS, give thanks, respect.