New Contact Info

My new e-mail is ZCARRIGG@GMAIL.COM please save/change from the old to the new!


I have a really clean personal board for sale, it's a 9'8" YYZ with all the bling!
$1100 get's it!


Made some foam/glass fins today for the I&R Pill. And it goes al lil sonth'in like this....


Here are the Plug and MIni V Pig. Available only at I&R downtown Ventura at the end of the month!


More good thing's for Iron&Resin! Claim them before they are gone. The 11'1" Glider, 5'11" MiniVeePig, 5'7" Dish and a 9'6" YYZ Noserider! Only available at the new downtown store front.

R to the S being a VP!

Putting in work on the R.S.V.P. and the queen!
Slide Mag'r Ryan Smith

RSVP for Brad

Here's Bradley's new 9'3" RSVP.  This one is done in the Hamajang style, order yours NOW!

6' Isish

Here is a 6' IsIsh for Chris, have fun with it!

Franks IsIs

I delivered Frank's IsIs to him today, he was stoked! He had gave me a few colors he liked and wanted a tiger deck. Enjoy the board!



Here is some progress on Franks new IsIs amber tiger.

Fin job

Working on Scott's monkey wood fin today for his balsa board.  I cut out a template with a leftover foam tail piece, then stuck it on a sheet of glass and filled the bead with Iso resin.  I then trued the bead template, foiled it, glassed the fin with sheets of 4oz, stuck it to the board then finished up with roving and glass.