Man, I have to say this is a great place to meet new people.  Thank you to everyone who has been in contact with me.  I've been meeting some really neat people from completely different venues in life.  Please continue to leave comments or emails for me, I would really like to hear what you think of this new venture of ours.  I have been having too much fun with this new project, I love building these boards and hearing about what you would like to see.  Cheer's to 2010 it's RAD!

Mike McQuillen on the YYZ

I went out today and shot Mikey riding my new YYZ.  He had never seen the board but that didn't stop him from doing his thing.  Not the best conditions for surfing however, after he got two waves everyone in the parking lot watching came out to join him.  Paddle battles broke out everywhere.  The waves were few and far between and in one clip you can see Mike had been sitting for ten minutes when a dude paddled right up to him and battled.   He lost.
Mikey likes it YYZ!

Wall Art

So happy, just got this back from a friend who had it on loan for about a year.  I made this for the SurfIndian art show I did, it was the only thing I didn't sell out of it.  I lent it out to be shown to potential new clients and FINALLY got it back.  I love to do this kind of work, it's where I started in art.  My grandfather Jack Carrigg is my all time inspiration.  He has been doing abstract art since the 50's and has been featured in the S.F. museum of art as well as many other places and countries.


I finished the three YYZ's I started this week.  Put some logo's on and got them hotcoated by Jeff.  They look great and I can't wait to show them at the Sacred Craft on the 10th.  They are all full color abstract lams that turned out great.  There is a breath of fresh air in my work lately and it feels RAD.  I also had my new t-shirts and hats made this week, I'll be picking them up early next week.  They look awesome, Rich at Silkworm is the absolute best at what he does and most of the industry uses him for laminates (logo's).  He and Klaus Jones will be sharing the FFF booth with me at the show.  Look forward to meeting those that show up for it.  T's $15.00, trucker hats $10.00.
Rhythm clothing is also going to be having a after hours party at the store (FFF) across from the fair grounds where the SC show will take place.  Come listen to live music and drink FREE beer (while supply's last must be 21).  These guys make great clothing come check us out.  Lot's of great deals on used and new boards.

Finished Boards

Just finished up some IsIs today and a custom pintail speedshape. Here's Pupo polishing up the 9'2". Both the 9'4" Clear G&P Volan and the 9'2" Orange tint Volan boards are for sale the clear is $1250.00 and the orange is SOLD. The pintail is SOLD! E-Mail me at for details. Keep tuned in to see the new YYZ, there are three lamed up at the shop now!

New News

Hi everyone, stoked to be on a new adventure. I'm currently building new inventory of Boarddesign longboards. There are a few Is Is coming but mostly the new YYZ model. I'm stoked on this new board, using the best test pilot I have we have come up with a great design. Here are a few shaped pics of Barney's new model. It is based on a Is Is with the same rocker but slightly narrower tail block, no hip also a narrower nose. The bottom sports the same long subtle vee with a beveled nose concave. The concave is deep and blended.