Shabby Sheek

Shabby Sheek is in!  Check out these two gems, opaque lams with resin panel work only to be sanded half off to give the aged patina effect.  Someone will have a hard time prying them out of my hands!  Truly some of my favorites that have been done in awhile.  These are (brown) 5'6" and  5'9" classic keel style fish.  The brown one is stringerless and volan bottom, Lockbox boxes with "classic keel" fins for both.  Fish are NOT fad boards, they are some of the most functional boards ever made.  They work great for all kinds of waves.  Get some.

All finished!

Jeff just finished sanding this yesterday.  I could look at it all day, it's just cool.  Can't wait to try it, even if it is a bit small for me.  5'9" seems to be my magic size, this one is 5'5".  Let's see if Jeramaiah's dream board is a dream or reality.

New Stock F2B

Last F2B in stock!  Won't reorder till fall.  This 9' is 2 5/8" thick, comes with all fiberglass fins (7" center and f2b glass lockbox sides) and has a swallow tail.  Glassed up clear sand finish with a 6+4oz deck and a 6oz bottom with tail patch.  Get-r-done for $950.00.

Taint right

Here's a brutal sequence.  Jeramiah does it again.  Just the tip visits him right where the front meets the back.  This ever happen to you?  He ruined a perfectly good left.  Better luck next time.


I heard this guy's come up missing... Look for him over on the islands.  Is Is is showing some love, this guy can't even stand on the sidewalk.  This must be the first time he ever did this.. he doesn't even seem to care that he's about to run those two guy's over??

Fist pump it Jersey!!

Some lucky people will be pulling these out of the Heritage racks soon.  Sending out two Is Is, five YYZ's and one Intro.  Bum rush them and get one if you can.  So stoked to be getting represented from such a RAD shop, thank Jamie when you pull the trigger.  I have wife counseling if necessary!

Glassed up

All glassed up.  Today was a good time.  I started with sealing the balsa and glassing it then moved on to this one and finally did the three color lams I had set up.  When I'm intrigued with something, it usually gets front of the line treatment.  This on flew past everything in the shop!

Inspiration Friday

Here we go again.  I have three YYZ's to be laminated tomorrow morning.  What do you got?  Color's anybody?  I have a few ideas going but would love to incorporate yours.  Post it up.  The winner gets to have the board!  !R A I L  Backwards, sorry but no.

All pow!

I did it!  The five year war is over...  or the first part anyhow.  Tomorrow I'll start sealing it for lamination.  The wood is beautiful, can't wait to see it glossed.  I was going to sell it...??  I don't know if I'm feeling that.  Seems like it worked its way into a permanent spot in my racks.  I have some nice fins for it to glass on and am thinking a wine tint nose panel.  Makes me actually want to do more of them... NOT!  No really, maybe.  It's almost kind of sad to see it move on.  There is another balsa blank in my racks though.  hmmm

Deck line weirdness

Wow, I didn't think people like weird stuff so much.  The deck of this thing is every bit as odd.  The model it's based off of is much thicker in the tail so I had to adjust the thickness with the outline changed.  At first I started a step tail, after e-mailing a in the works pic to Jeramiah, he reminded me that he wanted a concave deck.  This worked out perfect with the tail design.  The concave deck's are cool for a couple reasons.  1) They feel good to paddle due to matching the curve of your chest.  2) Your feet stick to the board especially when going vertical into the lip.  

Finish it already!

For some reason I drug this dust covered hunk of tree out of my racks today... I've only had it since '05, I guess I could finish it.  It was originally intended to be a rider for a friend of mine but after it was assembled it was thin and heavy.  The fortunate part of letting balsa sit for five years is it gets lighter!!  It actually feels pretty nice now.  My sander/polisher Jeff couldn't believe his eyes today when he saw me working on it and snapped some I-phone pics.  I almost finished it... Now it just needs a fine sanding.  Maybe next time.


My buddy Jeramiah is always inspiring me to do some weird boards.  This one came to us in a discussion about a previous single fin he had been riding.  I thought about it for a week and blasted it out today for him.  It's pretty strange to say the least but incorporates all aspects of what he needs out of a small board.  He used to be into the flavor of the day CI but is finding those to have more limitations (in ca) than these weird performance grovelers.  When he and I talk boards we always gel on ideas.  I'll try and get some more pics and possibly some video of him riding it when completed.

The Jinx

Spent half the day on the lake up near my house yesterday with my buddy Ryan.  He's big into fishing, I'm big into scaring them off.  I always tell my friends that fish that I'm the fish jinx before we ever go.  Once again the jinx lives on.  I don't know what it is, every time I go fishing with someone they can't catch a fish.  I know many great fisherman and I usually choose to not go due to wanting them to catch something.  Now Ryan's taking it as a challenge and emailed me last night "we got to rally again until I get bass on board" haha.. OK!  Gone Fishin.

Friday stuff... get out early!

Just finishing the boards posted below today.  Shawd from Rainbow inspired me to make a board to suit the fin, so finishing that one as well (photos later).  Four decks to laminate and put logo's on then it's all about the weekend!  Jeff will be getting at em when the new week starts and I will start on building some stock and hitting up some appointments with dealers.  Looks like I might have caught some eyes at the Sacred Craft show last weekend.  Nice one!

Color winners...Kind of

Here are the two boards I requested inspiration for.  S.S., I had already made one the color you requested so I changed it a bit to bright green instead.  BFish, there is black and white for you.  CFP studio, I put some modern tiger stripes to work.  Dreamer, these were already started by the time you wrote.. sorry.

Back at it

So after a busy weekend, I spent most of my monday fielding calls and e-mails.  While it felt weird to not go to the factory and work it was the other side of the job I'm still getting used to.  I guess I could loose myself in the shaping/glassing room and just build inventory but then who would they go to?  Days like this need to happen and I need to accept that if they don't I won't have anything to do.  Today I felt reenergized and fresh, ready to get back in the shaping room.  Tomorrow the resin fly's.  Leave a comment on what color you would like to see tomorrow here on my blog.  The colors will be considered and I will do one board the color you asked.  Bring on the requests, inspire me.

You done with that?

What a interesting morning it's been.  After slinging e-mails for a few hours I received a phone call from my buddy Ryan from slide magazine.  He said "hey dude, it's Ryan I'm on my way to grab breakfast at Egg's and things with Rich Pavel... want to join us?".  I say sure, see you in fifteen.  My friend Jeramiah's been in town for the Sacred Craft show with me, so he and I jump in the truck to head out.  After being greeted and catching up we are served.  We all start our own rituals hot sauce, mustard and fruit bowls start lining our food when Jeramiah calls out Rich for his butter.  Thinking Miah has no boundary's (even at the table) , I think nothing of it.  Rich had asked for two different butters (obviously liking it the way he envisioned his perfect fruit topped pancakes) and obliges.  Jeremiah takes the butter Rich so kindly offers him and scoops off all of his sour cream into it.  Thinking nothing of this he set's it down on the table and looks up to a disbelieved look coming from Rich who obviously was not done with it.  Those who have had the opportunity to meet Rich and exchange words know that he elegantly express himself at any topic.  Not this time.  After a few seconds of blank stares a smile and laughter came over him and we all got a good chuckle.  Miah quick to reciprocate, passes him his plate of huevos rancheros and Rich gratefully scraped off some of his salsa on to his side of eggs.

i can has spoon


Berry Nice!

I had tons of fun meeting you all that stopped in to say hi, thanks.  The Sacred Craft was a great time, I had a blast sharing a booth with Klaus Jones and Silkworm.  I also enjoyed meeting all the folks that came from far away.  Seemed as though there was a strong UK presence as well as Japanese.  It's always super cool to meet those from lands far away, even if it has to be at home.  I would like to come experience your culture and sights one day.  To those who mentioned seeing my blog, web and facebook sights it was awesome meeting you.  NOBODY mentioned the free gift, maybe it was better because it was kind of cheesy, a pair of Boarddesign socks could have been yours!  Maybe that would have offended you?  Like, you got some stinky feet!  hahaha.  So, yeah.  Thank you all again, many new boards to you all.  To all my fellow board building friends, as usual it was a honor to hang out with you again.

Workin hard at the show yesterday.  Booth was super fun to work, meeting tons of people that I didn't know and seeing/catching up with those I already knew.  Jeremiah caught me in a serious monkey stomp going back and fourth to the truck unloading boards.  I got a good laugh out of it, hope you do to.  On my way to the show now, come in and see us!

New Custom Fins ZC template

I just got these fins today from Rainbow Fins, they look awesome.  You can add one to your board for a additional $20. They retail solo for $75.  They work good in most single fin longboards, best in mine!  A nice addition to a single color board for that abstract look at a lower cost.


It's like chocolate without the extra weight.  When I look at a board all freshly finished I feel the same satisfaction as when I eat sweets.  What's even sweeter is the feel under your feet.  My boards are made to please all of your senses, they are as easy to ride as they are to look at.  If you just want it under your feet I now make clear Volan finished models.  If you wish to please all your senses, have a look at my Sacred Craft booth.... Come introduce yourself, I enjoy meeting new people and hearing your interpretation.   

After not surfing for six months (broken foot) I paddled out on my wifes 9' IsIs and got some great waves.  Though I couldn't barely limp to the water I never noticed on a board.

New T's in stock

I went into Silkworm today and watched Rich print up some new shirts for me.  He thinks I'm "looking over him" but actually I think it's really fun to watch someone that's great at what they do.  I'm super stoked on how RAD they came out!  Two different designs the "Abstract" and the "Goat".  Both come in L and XL.  The XL is in much lower quantity so get one quick.  They sell for $15.00 and it's $4.90 to ship anywhere in the U.S.  I hope you dig em, it only took me five years!

I am Herb Dean!

Dude walks in FFF last friday, asks "You know where the fairgrounds is".  I tell him where it is and Scott asks  "you got a fight tonight".  He said "no, I referee".  I tell him dude.. you got the whole Herb Dean thing goin on...  He replies "That's cuz I am Herb Dean".  He turns around and we're like wait!  Come back!  So he was nice enough to humor us and take a picture.  As we were taking the picture I was like come on Herb, choke me or something.  If you cannot tell I was stoked, he's my favorite referee.

Sacred Craft count down 7 days!

Wow, only seven days to go.  I have boards all over the place on their way to being completed.  A few special ones being started for some friends as well.  Look out, Heritage Surf Shop will have some rolling in the door in a few weeks.  If your nearby stop in and give them a look, you won't be disappointed.  A bunch of the new YYZ's, some IsIs and a mini mal called the Intro.

Some special stuff is in the mix for the show, come by and ask if I have something for you.  Thanks to my buddy's Jeff, Steve, Jeremiah and Joey for their help in making it happen!  Here's a goofy photo of the Del Mar Sacred Craft in '08 sooo cliche.