Iron & Resin

I&R new video!

Check out the new I&R video, stoked to know these guy's!



OK, here we go!  Orders open for a short time.  Let's work up your dream custom.  Hurry, they fill up quick.  Deposits are $800 and can be Paypal'd to

Progress in the shop

A few new boards being finished... 

Flower Power!

Another one for the Large family.  When they came to pick up the F2B they all had tye-dye shirts with flowers and peace signs on them... Seemed like the right thing to dial in his new IsIs with.  I'll go out on a limb and say this is the nicest board aesthetically that I've ever built.  It's a beauty! 

Chris's IsIs

Here is Chris's new IsIs, it's 9'5" and a nice compliment for the YYZ I just made him.  Next up a nice little IsIsh to round out the quiver.  Enjoy!

RSVP model debut for Slide Magazine

I've been working with Ryan from Slide Mag on developing a new pintail classic longboard.  I currently offer no pintails and we are working on correcting this soon.  Keep your eyes out for Ryan and his new ride cruzing about the area.

Nico's IsIs

Nico called about his favorite board (IsIs) being broken in half on a low tide sucking day.  He was leaving the country in a few weeks and wanted to replace it with a new one.  Here's Nico's replacement board and soon to be his new favorite.  



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Blanks are in!

For those who have orders placed with me, the blanks came in this morning!  Look forward to your new boards being completed soon.


R.S. getting some nose time on his 5'8" Cliche Isish.  Not a type error, 5'8"!

IsIs orders open until Monday at noon PST

Taking orders until Monday at noon PST.

If you have been thinking, better think quick


Freedom Riders Art Show TONIGHT!!

Come join us tonight for a SIIICK show in S.B.

The Button

Here is my new custom "the button",  I haven't rode it yet... so here is your chance.  Push the buttons on your phone and beat me to it.  Your's for $1600, time is running out!