Tool's box

So, I was talking with my buddy RS today and amongst chatting he says his truck is broke down and he hasn't been able to go anywhere in a week.  I asked him what the problem is and he explains that the spark plug wires were vandalized.  I'm like "OK, put some new ones on".  He tells me that he's got a mobile mechanic coming over tonight to take a look.  No Way!  I'll be over in 15.  I get over to his house and take a look at his truck and sure enough the vandals are rats who left some nuts on top of his distributor and opted for wires instead.  Bingo let's go get you some wires.  We return from NAPA with the wires and I ask him "got some screwdrivers and tools"?

This is what he brought me!

So, yeah... Got it fixed and RS is mobile again.

Back to work!

OK, thanks for all the patience!  I'm back to work now and will be calling everyone who is in line waiting to get their boards.  I had a great vacation and feel rejuvenated.  

This weekend I was cleaning my garage and had to move all my wife's boards out of the way to get to my board rack.  She is spoiled, I don't have a quiver like that and thats not all of them!

Vacation time!

Spending the week at Mammoth with my family.  Sorry for the lack of updates, I will get back to it when I return home.  Thanks for the patience of those waiting for boards, I will get to business when I return next monday.  There is snow BTW!! LOTS!

Ryan Merritt

East coast team manager/rider Ryan Merritt pulling in for some.  
Thanks guy's for your support and stoke on the boards!

Steven Mangiacapre

Here's Boarddesigns newest team rider Steven Mangicapre winning the Surfing America USA Championships.  I'm stoked to have Steven riding the boards, he was actually riding his Is Is by choice before he was part of the team.  Steven also placed fourth in the Belmont Pro recently.  My new east coast team includes Brad Rose, Hunter Lupton, Steven and Team Manager Ryan Merritt.  


Tony gets some on his 5'8" Isish quad

Ian Zamora snapped some nice ones of Tony at some secret rocky beach.  Nice rides Tony!
T-ride is the kid to watch, he charges.

Later Ireland

On my way home, it's been fun.  Enjoy the new boards and I look forward to building some more next year.  Get the last of the stock boards from Paul if you can!


Glossing shots of this Hamajang for Irish Andy.  He stopped by three times while I was here, he'd been borrowing my board I left here and was stoked on it.  Would have liked to catch a surf with him just never had a chance.  Next time.

Tales from Paul's shed

This Mac/EVE inspired board is getting it's buttons done

Semi opaque white EVE board on top.
I went from a little behind schedule today to a bit in front.  Nice!

Todays up hill battle

Here's a look at todays work...
I find surfboards to be a lot like ladies..  Sometimes they need a bit of kind words, some help to look pretty, to get through a rough morning... I had one that just didn't want to be a surfboard, fighting me every step.  You get that from time to time as a builder but you must have patience and see it through the process.  Some choose to not care and try to rush it but I am much like a mule and refuse to be beaten by a foam and plastic object.  No, I win and my customers do to.


Many of you know my grandpa has been my biggest inspiration in my creative endeavors.  He keeps a little 4"x7" drawing pad next to his favorite chair that he draws in daily, I used to love to flip through them and see what was on his mind.... portraits, doodles, random things, naked ladies... I found it inspirational as a kid and would break out a drawing pad and start my own.  I didn't live real close to them (about 8 hrs) so when I was there I enjoyed every second.  Little did I know at the time it was shaping my future.  

Resin soaked blanks

Todays resin work in Pauls shed.  I set these off with a bunch of catalyst and they didn't go off... good thing they had UV powder in them!!  Shove them in the UV box and off to the races.  Got some new catalyst today to make tomorrows day a bit easier!  Tomorrow is abstract time.. I'll post up some pics so you can start to single yours out a bit easier.   Seven more to go!