Temporarily Signing OFF

I'm off to Ireland in a few hours.  This will be MY last post until I return.  Rosa may update you on my stay and I may as well.  Thanks to all who have supported my family with your business, we appreciate it.  I will be taking orders when I return and have many blanks currently on the way so I will be able to immediately start processing them when I return.  Email me with your inquiries and if I can I will return them in Ireland.  Thanks to all, see you when I return!

Custom "slob job" YYZ with Hamajeng laps

Somewhere in the southern USA this 9'4" YYZ is snugly bundled in the back of a semi truck trailer.  A eager kat awaits it while staring at his computer screen giving +2's and quoting other forum junkies.  This is a teaser for him so his fingernails stay in tact.  Applekat, enjoy yet another one friend.


Barney Sullivan finally got his new model board.  The YYZ is a design we worked on together and he (until this point) has had pre production versions.  If you see him out, watch and learn... Dude is crazy good!  He's off to Nicaragua on Saturday, enjoy the board!

New stock Is Is

Here is the latest stock IsIs, it's 9'4" and has a full panel grey opaque bottom with a grey/red dipped with contrasting stripes.  This is the only stock board being built this month as I'm off to Ireland Saturday morning.  I didn't have the time to properly photograph this new ride and the pictures don't do it justice.

Barney YYZ

Barney sent me a few pics of him shredding Windan on his first generation YYZ.  I'm driving down tuesday to deliver his production model.  The YYZ was Barney and I's collaboration design.  The kid shreds.. Get some.

Weeks work

This week we finished up five longboards and one last second addition (got to have it before you go to Ireland bro!).  The board up above was just finished for a add shoot in Slide Magazine (slide forever, respect) and the one Jeff is polishing is a teaser for the "I don't want to see it" stoked customer (oops).  The days are counting down and next friday I fly out.  Never working outside my own little box, this is a strange feeling.  I wonder what I will and will not need to take with me and change my mind every few seconds.  As soon as I say things out loud it no longer makes sense.  I'm just going to go with it and not worry.  All blog updates (if any) will be done by Rosa.  If she starts rambling about heirloom tomatoes don't worry, I haven't lost my mind.  I'll be posting up pics of all boards finished this week on monday.  Cheers.

Malibu Slide

Had some GOOD ones at the Bu today!  Saw some friends and some who weren't (you know the guy).  Got to work at the crack of dawn then my buddy Ryan showed up around ten to rally down.  Looked good when we jumped out the truck so we waxed the logs (Tikiwaxx of course) and battled.  Karl (give me a dollah) hooked us up with a parking pass and it seemed to be my day for being a magnet so, things were good right off the get up.  To the sand and walk up the beach.. Repeat.  Seems like I couldn't sit still for twenty seconds and another one would come right to me!  Then JBX... uuuhhhh, gave it about twenty minutes and back for round two.  This round not as favorable though I did get some goodies.  Hit the Starbucks on the way out of town, I'd have to say it was a good day.  Irie-ites, give thanks, respect!

My little helper

I made my wife and I some new boards today.  A couple of YYZ's in appropriate sizes for us.  Her's is 9'2" and mine 9'4".  The coolest part of it is that my four year old helped me finish them.  He applied the water/compound as I was machining them to a sanded luster.  As you can see these are experimental finishes.  I applied grey hotcoat to the one on the right and spots of grey hotcoat to the left.  They have a sanded hotcoat finish and freelaps top and bottom.  My coworker Jeff and I were laughing because you really can't tell I freelaped them... They are so straight that they look like cutlaps..  They are kind of a blend of the shabby chic finishes I was doing with a different type Ian was doing.  Overall I really like them.

Progress in the shop

Here are a few customers boards being finished in the shop (from a few days ago).  Most of them wearing gloss and some getting gloss panels and pinlines.  I've had a great week and really enjoyed my work, It's great to have imaginative customers who know what they want and at the same time let me do my interpretation of it.  Some of you will be seeing boxes on your doorstep soon!