Customer Pics

Here are some pics taken by my buddy Drew of a customers board at the beach.  If you have glamour shots of your board send them in.  If they are quality I'll put them up for others to enjoy.

New YYZ add!

For those of you who don't get SLIDE mag in your area here is the new YYZ add.  Thanks to everyone helping to make it all happen.  2010 it's really rad!

Irish board caddy's

In Ireland you are assigned board caddy's as a visitor.  I got two, they liked my shapes... Ditto!

I did that!!

Paul Smith (the owner of the factory "glide" in Ireland) was so stoked on watching and being a part of the board building process.  Here he is pointing out his task on boards that were made there.  Finboxes/leash holes and then drilling them out when completed!  He took this task seriously, I had never seen someone take so long to put in a finbox!  He checked everything two, three, four times before turning on the router.  He was even more nervous to drill on a completed board.

Nice guy's drive the distance!

I hadn't planned on shaping any F2B's while I was in Ireland but.. A few orders came up for them.  I had no idea what to do at that point because I hadn't brought a template or rocker for one.  Paul knew what to do.. he said "there is ONE in the country, I'll call him".  Low and behold a few days later Billy (twodawgs) was there!   He left the board for a week so I could take a template/rocker and have to duplicate.  I made a rocker template out of a stringer that had been removed from a blank, then hot glued popsicle sticks to it about every 4".  These shots show the bottom rocker but the sticks sticking up are the deckline rocker.  I widdled down the blank until both fit perfectly and the boards came out beautiful.  
By the way, Billy drove four hours each way!

Olivier Longuet

This dude is Olivier Longuet, he's a artist from Ireland who I met on my travels over there.  Paul had invited Olivier over to shape a board with him (Olivier's first attempt).  After chatting with him and watching them shape, I offered to do a trade with him for a lamination.  I put down a Hamajang on it with a light grey hotcoat, Rob sanded into it for the sand through affect.  He then brought 6-8 paintings and let me choose one... Pretty cool!  His work is great and he's a pleasure to hang out with and drink coffee... My favorite.

No lag like Jet Lag!

I'm almost fully recovered, I've been hanging out with my family catching up.

This week I will be finishing my new shaping room/glassing area.  A few more odds and ends and my new shop is complete.  Look for some really cool boards to come through at the end of the week.

Still going

Having a good time in Ireland.  Will be coming home in about five days.  Went surfing again tonight till 9:30pm... kind of shitty but really cool to be the only surfers at the beach.  Dark rain clouds in the distance and transparent jewel green water.  Topped it off with some fish and chips and back to the shop.  Here Rob (Royal) Lion polishes one out.