Friday RSVP delivery

The new RSVP model ready for it's shakedown cruise.  This is a board for Ryan of Slide Magazine, it's a combo of a old KC he liked and my new YYZ/custom interpretation.

Stock 9'2" F2B

Call with any questions!

New BIG boardz

Here is Ribeye picking up his new "DoubleWide" Is.  This is a giant board packed into a 10 length.  Another stunning Pupo finish to boot.  More of these to come.  If you are a big dude, where can you find a LARGE full custom highender?  Look no further.


It was recently brought to my attention that there was a pro football player that looked like me.. or I looked like him?  He is Carson Palmer of the Bengals.  Anyhow, just goes to show a guy that good looking should be making millions!