Clean lines

Chris from SanDiego requested "light colors and subtle" he keeps his board in the bed of his truck and didn't want to let if fry!  The deck is getting a really nice color treatment, prepare for more pics tomorrow.

Show me a pic!!

Mike was all about the pic, texting me regularly "got pics?"  I teased him on many occasions but wouldn't give it up till he came to pick it up.  He thought I was messing with him but realized why I put him through it in the end.  Rojo (his dog) just wanted to be in the pics.  Enjoy your new stick Mike, it's well worth the wait!

Iron & Resin

I made these two boards for my buddy's at Iron & Resin, above is the PDF I had to work with.  They have a new line of clothing that is about to kick off, a must wear for '12!  The IsIs is 9'3" and the Mini Zimmonz is 5'8"... Going to be fun!
Check out the intro video.

Click here

Hunter Lupton's 9'3" Swallow tail IsIs

Just finished this board for multiple time East Coast Longboard Champ, humble all around great guy and shredding dude, Hunter Lupton.  Stoked to have a guy like him riding/loving the boards I make!  Enjoy it Hunter!

Dakabb short flick

Slayer F2B

This F2B is for a Slayer fan who told me to do whatever I wanted as long as it was carbon fiber on the bottom and Slayer was somehow worked into the deck.  I googled images for Slayer and found this pinball game.  I liked the center portion of it and used it for my inspiration.  I hope you like it.