The Button

Here is my new custom "the button",  I haven't rode it yet... so here is your chance.  Push the buttons on your phone and beat me to it.  Your's for $1600, time is running out!

Finished product F2B

Seva's new F2B Slayer board completed and delivered!  Jack and I went surfing with him on Saturday at the pump house, he got some good ones.  The carbon bottom was beautiful all glossed and polished.  Enjoy the board Seva!

Chris's YYZ

Chris came up last week to pick up his new 9'6" YYZ.  Everyone in the canyon is going to wish they got it first!  Have fun on it!

Blue Moon?

So, I don't know what got in to me but... this is mine!  It's been a really long time since I made a board for myself so I took a OLD Indy blank that was 10' and thick.  I cut some nose off and some tail, shaped in more tail rocker with a wide diamond tail, thinned out the nose on the deck, squared off the nose and put a Rick NR style bevel in the nose that blended off to a rolled bottom with soft rails.  I'm inspired to go surf!

More clean lines

Just finishing off Chris's board putting logos on and getting hotcoated tomorrow.