Here is some progress on Franks new IsIs amber tiger.

Fin job

Working on Scott's monkey wood fin today for his balsa board.  I cut out a template with a leftover foam tail piece, then stuck it on a sheet of glass and filled the bead with Iso resin.  I then trued the bead template, foiled it, glassed the fin with sheets of 4oz, stuck it to the board then finished up with roving and glass.

I'll take both!

Santiago rang me up and after hearing a few options he had for F2B he chose to go with both of them and here they are.


This board is a 5'9" pintail quad on the left rail (regular foot backside) and a 6'1" keel fish on the right rail.  Could be yours if you are quick.. $800 no fins.  It will be mine soon if you hesitate!

Bradley's new RSVP+

Brad Rose has got a RSVP+ in the works here at the factory.  This 9'3" is a bit more progressive than the standard RSVP.  This board has a hard edge in the tail and can get buck loose if you want to get jiggy.  In the glass shop now, this ride is going to sport the sweet colors.

6' Isish hand shape

after plaining to thickness I cut the outline

setting the rocker

my sweet new template with outline and rocker all in one

setting the V into the tail

ready to turn the rails


nose concave 

off to the glassing room

T-Ride @ Rock Spot

This guy Tony kills it.  That is a Isish stuffed in this lil tube ride.  Sickness T!