Large family

This Awesome family came by the shop last night to pick up dads new board.  They were a super stoked bunch and I enjoyed showing them some of the stages of building surfboards.  Enjoy the board!

Boards for 2011

This is the list of the ONLY boards I will be building for 2011.  I will not be getting any more blanks or any duplicate sizes.  This will be on a first come first serve basis.  When it's gone you will have to wait until next year.  I will do a few hand shaped customs but they will sell for $1600.  The list of stock boards will be $1385.00.

F2B:     9'0" I have 4 available

IsIs:      9'0" Eps/Epoxy only 1 available
            9'2" 1 Sold
            9'6" 1 Sold

YYZ    9'2" 1 available
            9'6" 2 available
            9'8" 2 Sold
            10'   1 available 1 Sold

Indy     10'  1 available

Uncle    8'    2 available
             7'6" 1 available

Get them while you can, have a great new year!


Friend him @ SLIDE MAGAZINE!

Ryan just hooked up a new Facebook HE NEEDS FRIENDS!  Link up with him and his Bitchen magazine TODAY!  SLIDE MAGAZINE  Like it!

A few pics for the weekend


I made this 5'4" shortboard for my friend Eric Last week.  He came to me with some dimensions and a rough idea of what he wanted.  I had him come over and watch me shape it to make sure what was in his head was in front of him.  It came out sweet, he really liked it.

Some laminations

Here are a few I did on Friday.  I prepped the batch of boards I'm working on today and will lam decks tomorrow and Wednesday then off to Pupo for the worlds best gloss and polish!

New Slide Magazine add

Here's the new add for Slide Mag, it's Bradley Rose's new custom (my youngest east coast team rider).
Go pick up a Slide Mag and support some real dudes making a good read.  

Here's Brad shredding it!

T-Ride get's a mag shot!

Just picked up this new Slide Magazine.  Tony Stephens made a big splash in a multiple page photo taken of him riding a Boarddesign IsIsh (5'9").  Photo taken by Ian Zamora at a local rocky tube.  T-ride sent me a video text today of him getting tubed at the same spot while drinking a beer!  Youth!?!