Waiting for Weeks

Off to P.B., this one is going right back to my old gutter.  Have fun with it Kristopher.

Traveling YYZ

This YYZ is on it's way to the islands, later it will complete it's voyage to Austrailia's gold coast.. Lucky!  Have fun with it Kawika, I may come and see her one day.

IsIs Double fisted

This lucky customer wanted a new 9'3" and new 9'3" IsIs, I guess people like to know that they have a extra one in case something would happen to one!
Above, Jeff Pupo checks his work... Pointless cuz it's perfect!

Used boards for sale

5'6" Quad fish nice condition $450
5'9" Round fish new condition $500

8'3" Mini Indy nice condition no dings $650

9' h/p parabolic quad LIGHTWEIGHT small dings $350

9'5" Pintail noserider RSVP prototype one small ding $900

9'3" Pintail noserider one small ding $750

(858) 531-9374

New Big Is!

Here's a new Big IsIs (hipless) made for a floridian.  Boxed it up in a SUP box and shipped it on friday.  He's going to be stoked when he gets to put his hands on it!