Got a call a few weeks back from Paul Smith.  He invited me out to Ireland to do some board building.  At first I kind of thought nahh, not gona work but the more I spoke to him the more it sounded like it could work.  So, after a few phone calls we've worked it out and it looks like I will spend a few weeks over there in about a month or two.  If anyone over there needs a HIGH quality longboard drop Paul or I a line.

This will be a cool place to visit.  I'm Irish/Scandinavian so it will be cool to check out where my peeps come from.  I love potatoes, which is why I'm together with Rosa (potatoes are originally from Peru brought to the rest of the world by the Spaniards and to my people) we have that in common..  Rosa being Peruvian and all...  Bangers and Mash!!  Hayoooh!

Rock and Roll

I have my sanding room built... Got some sheet rock to lay up today.  Help??  Installed some electrical yesterday and will finish up today.  I should have stayed with the remodel/builder thing, I like to do it and I think there is allot more CASH!!  I think I take too much pleasure in it (like square noses) all cuz it sure has taken me a long time to build one room...  One down, two to go!

Harry and Beans Video

Here's a cool new video of Harry riding his Is Is in the cold.  Some cool coffee roasting as well.  Check out his website for some real good coffee at


Spotted in north S.D.  Send in your pics of Boarddesign goodness.  This one unfortunately was lost to the Gods of big surf... RIP  F2B.  BTW, did he really ride it out in that?  Maybe I'm missing something.  :)

Eeeewww.. like totally.

Got my materials up to date at my new place.  That means there is only one thing left, building work areas.  Seems like I just did this, time fly's they say.  I have everything planned out, now it's time to get to it.  I'll probably spend another few days over thinking everything but.. hey, I know what I like and how I like it.  I've got a really cool sanding room this time, I've been in enough to know by now.  My new lam room is going to be nice, real simple but extremely efficient.  Photo's?  Sorry, not yet.

Fist pumpin!!

All boxed up and on the way to Heritage Surf Shop in Ocean City NJ.  Scott and I found it necessary to draw and write all over the boxes to make sure they get there safely.  Hoping Snookie or the Situation would see this post, we gave it a proper fist pumpin!!  Scott was bummed he wasn't wearing his chain.


While bumming around with a destroyed left foot I filmed allot of random things with my GoPro camera.  Here is some surfing... well, kind of the best I could do.  Some laminating is included... Sorry, no secrets!  I was originally going to start a blog about building boards "the right way"...  I was all up in my shop recording every day... guess I was just bored because I never did anything with it.   Check out my walking cast I use to laminate with!!  2010, it's RAD


Uhhumm... In case your monitor has some color issues, that's gold!  The result of a strong team including the duo of Rosa and I.  We surfed in the corporate games yesterday at C-st. Ventura.  Nice work Dako!

More AWESOME news!

I found out this morning that due to issues with the property management we were evicted out of our building with three days notice.  I spent the whole day moving all of my belongings out of the shop.

Luckily I have a friend in Ian Zamora who was quick to offer up a immediate and permanent place in his HUGE factory.  I'm stoked and humbled by his kindness.  I'm actually going to have my own factory in his factory.... It's that big.  Big thanks to Carla and Ian sharing the love.  Some how the sun even shines on a dogs ass.

2010... It's Rad!

Bloody stuff

I got hit.  It sucked.