Only in Ventucky!

So, I was chillin at the beach yesterday when out of the corner of my eye I see some dude walking around with his two goats off leash in the walkway that goes along the waterfront.  Dude was like not even paying any attention to them like they were some well trained dogs that you know are going to heel next to you.  He just continued down the path with these two goats following.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing and just stared at them like WTF?  Later when I got out of the water and ate some food on a park bench, I saw them in the back of a truck and snapped a picture just to prove I'm not crazy!

She's over longboarding

Rosa asked me the other day to make her a shortboard.  Apparently she's over longboarding, at least when there is waves.  She likes the workout she gets when riding little ones and is more interested in "Power Surfing".  Knowing that the typical shortboard (modern) was going too far the other direction, I made her this 80's winged, beak nose thruster.  The template I got from Jim Phillips, which was what he was riding in the 80's when he won the U.S. Open.  Here's a pic, I had just finished up with my planer and started to sand.

Video shoot photos

Thanks Drew for the photos!

Drew's photo strip

Drew shot these pics of my while showing me all the cool apps he has for his Iphone.  Back up a bit jeez, one ugly mug!

Shooting at the factory!

Started shooting some video today for a new project my buddys Keith and Milt are doing.  My stand in and friend Drew here posing it up for lighting!  Stoked to get this project under way, it's a long time coming and all the things I've been dreaming of are starting to come to life.  There is a board in here for someone.... Enjoy Kimi!

Winter is coming

Just finished this 6' mini tanker single fin.  It's for myself, to get back into paddling shape again.  Winter is coming and so are the waves.  This is a board I made while doing the soCliche boards, the "BiggieSmalls".  I'll be waiting.

9' Solid Balsa F2B For Sale!

This beauty is fitted with glass on side bites and center zebra wood fin.  The gloss panel nose lights up with wood grain and is stunning.  It is under 3" so it's actually not so heavy.  $3500 takes it home.


Here are some Irish smiles!  I wasn't around to see some of the boards go to their owners, so it's good to see them now.  These were sent by Gary at OuterPoint Surf Shop.  
Send me your pic, I'd love to see them/post them.

9'4" Custom IsIs

Here's a custom done for Alan.  A man torn by which design to get, gets both!  I know he's going to love it and have a blast riding it.  I like making people light up when they see their new board, almost more than I like making them for myself... mmm maybe.  

Scotts new Pigpin

Dropped off Scotts new board today, again another amazing polish from Jeff Pupo!  Scott had a custom FFF/Zeph template fin made for it by Rainbow (available only through FFF or me) it looked great.  There is swell at C-st today and he's off to surf... If he can get a wave with all the competitors of the contest being held there.  

Wood shed

Lot's of wood in the shed lately.  My balsa F2B is almost finished, here it is getting it's wine tint gloss panel.  Below is a balsa chip J Phillips shaped up for Scott and I was left to glass.  In the background is a agave railed blank I'll be making into another F2B.  Fun stuff...  Going surfing

T-Ride Completion

Tony stopped in today to pick up his finished board for the Malibu contest this weekend.  He's really stoked on it, I went down to the point tonight and watched him destroy some two footers.  Haha... Well as good as you can!  I'm super stoked on this kid, he's insane on a surfboard and has his head in the right place.  Good luck tomorrow T, I'm rooting for you!  To all the others waiting for your new sticks, all my contest boards are completed and yours will be rolling out this week.  Most are already laminated and will be getting the gloss/polish treatment from Jeff.


Scott's new 9''2" Pigpin.  I used an old 9'8" Walker blank for this one... That was some nice foam, I miss it.  This board is 23.5" wide, 16.5" tail and a 17"nose.  The wide spot is 5" behind center.  While it's not a "traditional" pig by design, the outlines work really well.  Scott likes to trim, turn and get a noseride from time to time so this design suits him nicely.  It has a modern style rail with a tear drop concave and a nice rocker with a hard edge in the tail.  This is the style of board I was riding in the late 90's... FUN!


Tony (T-Ride) Stephens is the lucky owner of this new Boarddesign beauty.  He has been piloting the IsIs and the YYZ, loving them both we made a combo.  It has the best of both boards with the BIG Tony concave scoop tail.  If I were a betting man, I would pick T as the mens winner at the Bu contest next weekend.  Good luck Tony!

James Stewart

James Stewart ( world champion MX'r executing some pretty good style on his wake surf board.  After suffering a bad wrist injury this year he had some time off to learn some new sports and film his reality show "Bubbas World" on fueltv.  James is my son's favorite MX'r and mine, Jack named his dog James Mustard Stewart.  I have no idea where the mustard part came from?

Green light

It's always fun when a customer tells you to go off a bit.  Ryan gave me the green light to do what I wanted with this 9' EPS/Epoxy Is Is.  His request was "high performance/light".  I should be pretty cool when done, simple yet elegant.  This will compliment his 9'3" standard Is Is already in the stable.