I finished the three YYZ's I started this week.  Put some logo's on and got them hotcoated by Jeff.  They look great and I can't wait to show them at the Sacred Craft on the 10th.  They are all full color abstract lams that turned out great.  There is a breath of fresh air in my work lately and it feels RAD.  I also had my new t-shirts and hats made this week, I'll be picking them up early next week.  They look awesome, Rich at Silkworm is the absolute best at what he does and most of the industry uses him for laminates (logo's).  He and Klaus Jones will be sharing the FFF booth with me at the show.  Look forward to meeting those that show up for it.  T's $15.00, trucker hats $10.00.
Rhythm clothing is also going to be having a after hours party at the store (FFF) across from the fair grounds where the SC show will take place.  Come listen to live music and drink FREE beer (while supply's last must be 21).  These guys make great clothing come check us out.  Lot's of great deals on used and new boards.