Got a call a few weeks back from Paul Smith.  He invited me out to Ireland to do some board building.  At first I kind of thought nahh, not gona work but the more I spoke to him the more it sounded like it could work.  So, after a few phone calls we've worked it out and it looks like I will spend a few weeks over there in about a month or two.  If anyone over there needs a HIGH quality longboard drop Paul or I a line.

This will be a cool place to visit.  I'm Irish/Scandinavian so it will be cool to check out where my peeps come from.  I love potatoes, which is why I'm together with Rosa (potatoes are originally from Peru brought to the rest of the world by the Spaniards and to my people) we have that in common..  Rosa being Peruvian and all...  Bangers and Mash!!  Hayoooh!