Nice guy's drive the distance!

I hadn't planned on shaping any F2B's while I was in Ireland but.. A few orders came up for them.  I had no idea what to do at that point because I hadn't brought a template or rocker for one.  Paul knew what to do.. he said "there is ONE in the country, I'll call him".  Low and behold a few days later Billy (twodawgs) was there!   He left the board for a week so I could take a template/rocker and have to duplicate.  I made a rocker template out of a stringer that had been removed from a blank, then hot glued popsicle sticks to it about every 4".  These shots show the bottom rocker but the sticks sticking up are the deckline rocker.  I widdled down the blank until both fit perfectly and the boards came out beautiful.  
By the way, Billy drove four hours each way!