Berry Nice!

I had tons of fun meeting you all that stopped in to say hi, thanks.  The Sacred Craft was a great time, I had a blast sharing a booth with Klaus Jones and Silkworm.  I also enjoyed meeting all the folks that came from far away.  Seemed as though there was a strong UK presence as well as Japanese.  It's always super cool to meet those from lands far away, even if it has to be at home.  I would like to come experience your culture and sights one day.  To those who mentioned seeing my blog, web and facebook sights it was awesome meeting you.  NOBODY mentioned the free gift, maybe it was better because it was kind of cheesy, a pair of Boarddesign socks could have been yours!  Maybe that would have offended you?  Like, you got some stinky feet!  hahaha.  So, yeah.  Thank you all again, many new boards to you all.  To all my fellow board building friends, as usual it was a honor to hang out with you again.