You done with that?

What a interesting morning it's been.  After slinging e-mails for a few hours I received a phone call from my buddy Ryan from slide magazine.  He said "hey dude, it's Ryan I'm on my way to grab breakfast at Egg's and things with Rich Pavel... want to join us?".  I say sure, see you in fifteen.  My friend Jeramiah's been in town for the Sacred Craft show with me, so he and I jump in the truck to head out.  After being greeted and catching up we are served.  We all start our own rituals hot sauce, mustard and fruit bowls start lining our food when Jeramiah calls out Rich for his butter.  Thinking Miah has no boundary's (even at the table) , I think nothing of it.  Rich had asked for two different butters (obviously liking it the way he envisioned his perfect fruit topped pancakes) and obliges.  Jeremiah takes the butter Rich so kindly offers him and scoops off all of his sour cream into it.  Thinking nothing of this he set's it down on the table and looks up to a disbelieved look coming from Rich who obviously was not done with it.  Those who have had the opportunity to meet Rich and exchange words know that he elegantly express himself at any topic.  Not this time.  After a few seconds of blank stares a smile and laughter came over him and we all got a good chuckle.  Miah quick to reciprocate, passes him his plate of huevos rancheros and Rich gratefully scraped off some of his salsa on to his side of eggs.