Malibu Slide

Had some GOOD ones at the Bu today!  Saw some friends and some who weren't (you know the guy).  Got to work at the crack of dawn then my buddy Ryan showed up around ten to rally down.  Looked good when we jumped out the truck so we waxed the logs (Tikiwaxx of course) and battled.  Karl (give me a dollah) hooked us up with a parking pass and it seemed to be my day for being a magnet so, things were good right off the get up.  To the sand and walk up the beach.. Repeat.  Seems like I couldn't sit still for twenty seconds and another one would come right to me!  Then JBX... uuuhhhh, gave it about twenty minutes and back for round two.  This round not as favorable though I did get some goodies.  Hit the Starbucks on the way out of town, I'd have to say it was a good day.  Irie-ites, give thanks, respect!