My little helper

I made my wife and I some new boards today.  A couple of YYZ's in appropriate sizes for us.  Her's is 9'2" and mine 9'4".  The coolest part of it is that my four year old helped me finish them.  He applied the water/compound as I was machining them to a sanded luster.  As you can see these are experimental finishes.  I applied grey hotcoat to the one on the right and spots of grey hotcoat to the left.  They have a sanded hotcoat finish and freelaps top and bottom.  My coworker Jeff and I were laughing because you really can't tell I freelaped them... They are so straight that they look like cutlaps..  They are kind of a blend of the shabby chic finishes I was doing with a different type Ian was doing.  Overall I really like them.