Tool's box

So, I was talking with my buddy RS today and amongst chatting he says his truck is broke down and he hasn't been able to go anywhere in a week.  I asked him what the problem is and he explains that the spark plug wires were vandalized.  I'm like "OK, put some new ones on".  He tells me that he's got a mobile mechanic coming over tonight to take a look.  No Way!  I'll be over in 15.  I get over to his house and take a look at his truck and sure enough the vandals are rats who left some nuts on top of his distributor and opted for wires instead.  Bingo let's go get you some wires.  We return from NAPA with the wires and I ask him "got some screwdrivers and tools"?

This is what he brought me!

So, yeah... Got it fixed and RS is mobile again.