Wireless Stoke

Shaping bay
My favorite snack
Chef Paul
Sinead and Paul
My baby on board
Ready for glassing
Pauls work 
Shifty Ginger (Paul)

Paul got wireless internet today, Yeah!  I can now use my laptop over here to update.  It's been a real fun trip so far, just shaping a lot and keeping busy.  I did surf one day (it was epic) and hope to get back one more time if the weather let's me.  It's different here how you have to be super hip to the forecasts, back home you can just go surf somewhere, you may have to drive to get it but.. here there is no chance unless mother nature is good to you.  It's crazy windy here, I think "Ireland" actually translates to "windy" in some language, that or "feckin wet".  I'm missing my family and look forward to finishing up and heading state side.  Cheers!